• grandMA2 light

    Lighting / Control

    grandMA2 light

    The grand MA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two…

  • grandMA3 light

    Lighting / Control

    grandMA3 light

    The grand MA3 light console is the work-horse of the range. It provides the perfect…

  • grandMA3 onPC command wing

    Lighting / Control

    grandMA3 onPC command wing

    When we talk about onPC solutions, we talk about mobility, flexibility and affordable…

  • grandMA3 processing unit M

    Lighting / Control

    grandMA3 processing unit M

    The grand MA3 processing unit M increases the overall grandMA3 system by 4 096…

  • grandMA3 full-size

    Lighting / Control

    grandMA3 full-size

    The grandMA3 full-size console is the flagship of the range. It offers the ultimate…