Call Tech Support: 01223 631881

We know things occasionally go wrong and as much as we prepare equipment in a great way, sometimes these things happen. From our experience we have developed a Tech Support system that will enable you to feel rest assured that on-site equipment issues will be resolved in both a cost-effective and an efficient way.

For us all to succeed with fixing faults and ensuring a great show, we require our customers to perform some basic checks, to ensure minimum down time.

Before dispatch

We will endeavour to provide complimentary spares up to 10% of the active fixture count as a gesture of goodwill. We mark up the spare equipment to ensure it’s not accidentally used as an active fixture. We also record the usage count for spare equipment, and customer honesty with spare usage will ensure we can continue to provide this generous rental benefit.

What we ask from you

On site

Before using the spare we ask for some basic processes to be completed:

  1. Be in front of the fixture

  1. Call us on our tech support number – this is useful for us because we can monitor tech support cases and provide feedback to your office staff, as well as people on site and for us to follow up.

  1. Attempt our basic diagnostic checklist and initial fault finding over the phone with a member of our team. Most of the time issues are a simple fix and this allows us to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

If fault is fixed, great.

If fault is not fixed, we then ask you to swap in the spare unit whilst we organise a replacement spare.

In the office

Contact site to get a contact name and number from your team who can attend to the fixture and attempt some basic diagnosis.

What we will do

  1. We will attempt a first fix with a staff member on site over the phone.

  1. We will run a simple and efficient diagnostic check that should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

  1. If we cant fix the equipment over the phone, we then ask you to use the complimentary spare equipment whilst we organise replacement equipment.

  1. We will then look to provide you with replacement equipment delivered to your warehouse or site within GB (whatever is closest or more convenient) at a time of our convenience, no later than the next business day.

  1. When equipment is returned at the end of the rental we will review the broken equipment and provide you with a follow-up from your Job Handler.

Call Tech Support: 01223 631881