At CEG, we're about more than just lights - we're trying to help reduce our impact on the world, and recently we joined the Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce programme.

As well as our impact on the world, we're keen to make sure we look after our team and we make sure we start that with being a Living Wage Employer.

albert Supplier

albert Supplier

CEG is an albert Approved Supplier.

We're looking forward to continue helping our Film & TV clients achieve more sustainable projects, and how we can all work together towards a Net Zero future.

Carbon Positive Workforce

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Our initial commitment is offsetting 81 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of planting 90 trees every month. This is the estimated carbon impact of all of our staff every year, including overseas travel and holidays.

It's all part of our aspiration to get CEG to Net Zero by 2030. You can keep tabs on our progress at

Living Wage

Since 2022 we have been a Living Wage Employer. Looking after our team is incredibly important to us and we are already paying above the London Living Wage for 2022/23 to all of our team members.

We are committed to raising all salaries inline with the London Living Wage in the coming years.