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Just a small note: item availability and inventory is updated on an hourly basis, please do get in touch with us to get a quotation to guarantee stock for your hire.

  • Lighting


    Within our Lighting department, we stock a range of moving and generic lights, a variety of control desks, dimmer racks, DMX & WDMX control and accessories....
  • Rigging


    Within our Rigging department we stock chain hoists, controllers, trussing, rigging accessories and other useful hardware. All Rigging rentals and services are provided by CEG Rigging Ltd....
  • Drapes


    Our drapes department includes a variety of cloths and cycloramas....
  • Power


    Within our Power department - we stock a variety of common cable types, adaptors and power distribution....
  • Effects


    Within our Effects department we stock some of the most efficient effects and atmospherics equipment, useful for all theatrical situations....
  • Audio


    Within our Audio department, we stock a radio microphones, mixers, speakers, amplifiers and all the accessories you need for a PA system....