What is Rental Excellence, Made Simple?

Rental Excellence, Made Simple.

What are the differences that set CEG apart from other rental providers and what makes renting from CEG a unique experience.

First, let's take a look at:


At CEG we... provide a UK-based rental stock available for same-day dispatch.

Within our deep inventory of 100+ on the majority of lines, we are able to provide a variety of equipment from high quality brands.


At CEG we... provide a customer experience that is based on a simple and efficient rental process from start to finish, with complimentary spares provided, as well as out-of-hours technical support.

We're able to provide a rapid response to quote requests, as well as giving you 24/7 online access to your rental account.


At CEG we... believe remaining flexible in order to meet customers needs is one of our top priorities, we do this by keeping our pricing consistent as well as always being open to work with you to meet your specific project requirements.


At CEG we... have evolved our pricing structure to ensure a sustainable price for both the customer and the industry. Our rate cards are designed so that pricing is predictable, pricing that is consistent all year and for all quantities, and pricing that gives our customers margin.


At CEG we... think that transport is an essential part of the process, as such we are to provide an efficient and cost-effective modes of transport for delivery and collection.

Using both internal resources and third-party partners, we're able to get our equipment to your destination with ease.