Control with MA3 at CEG

Exciting news, CEG has expanded its rental stock to include a selection of MA3 consoles and processing units, such as the grandMA3 full-size, grandMA3 light, grandMA3 onPC command wing, and a variety of MA3 processing units.

The grandMA3 full size console, the premium offering in the MA3 series, boasts extensive features and an intuitive user interface, providing unparalleled control for professional lighting and effects. Ideal for a multitude of productions, from concerts to corporate events, it's the top-tier choice for discerning professionals.

For those who require power in a more compact form, the grandMA3 light console is the perfect fit. This condensed console delivers full functionality in a space-saving design, offering a powerful solution for locations where space might be at a premium.

And for the lighting designers who are always on the go, the grandMA3 onPC command wing combines the versatility of the grandMA3 software with a convenient, compact control surface. This product allows you to realize your lighting designs from any location, using your personal computer.

To complement these consoles, CEG is also able to offer a variety of grandMA3 processing units. These powerful tools are essential for extending the parameters of your console, enabling larger network setups and managing data distribution. Whether you need to control a vast number of parameters or connect multiple devices, grandMA3 processing units provide a flexible and reliable solution.