Ayrton Profiles from CEG

Did you know that CEG now stocks an impressive range of Ayrton profile fixtures, including the Ayrton Diablo, Ayrton Perseo, and Ayrton Domino Profile?

The Ayrton Diablo, renowned for its compactness and unparalleled performance, is a versatile addition to any creative endeavour. With its unmatched luminous intensity and rich colour palette, the Diablo Profile stands out in delivering dramatic lighting effects. Its impressive versatility makes it perfect for theatre productions, concerts, and corporate events alike.

The Ayrton Perseo is not just a lighting fixture, it's a statement in innovation and durability. As the first IP65-rated projector that's designed for intensive outdoor use, the Perseo Profile ensures your production continues undeterred by weather conditions. Its efficiency and superbly high output make it an invaluable asset for any event, indoor or outdoor.

Last but not least, the Ayrton Domino is the embodiment of raw power and beautiful design. This fixture is a top performer in the world of large-scale concert touring and live events. Offering an extraordinary light output and an extensive zoom range, the Domino Profile can take your event lighting to new heights.