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Product: Robe ROBIN Spiider

Robe ROBIN Spiider

Rental Product information


  • Manufacturer: Robe
  • Weight: 13.3kg
  • Size: M


  • 2x Omega Clamp Type 1 (Robe)
  • 2x Trigger Clamp Black (250kg)
  • 1x Safety Bond Spec C (36kg)
  • 1x 16A(M) - powerCON TRUE1


Manufacturer's Description

Spiider, a superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaries, using 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° Wash, makes the product the most powerful LED fixture on the market.

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