Weight: 36.0kg

Weekly Price: £230
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1.0x 16A(M) - powerCON In (Blue) Cable
2.0x Omega Clamp Type 1 (Robe)
2.0x Trigger Clamp Black (250kg)
1.0x Safety Bond Spec C (36kg)

Manufacturer's Description

The BMFL™ – Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire – much anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe, brings a real game changer in the world of moving lights. The BMFL Spot™ has a custom light source designed for Robe and produces a staggering powerful 250 000 lux at 5 metres – no other product currently on the market can equal this output! Despite its power and comprehensive feature set, it weighs just 36 Kgs… and has a compact body profile.

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